Meg Halski

Meg Halski
Director, Producer, Writer

Meg is an award-winning commercial and documentary
director, creative director, writer, producer and strategist.
Meg has directed teams for over 17 years.

Formally trained as a filmmaker, Meg got her start as a writer, photographer and independent, guerrilla-style filmmaker. She worked in public relations and media consulting for over ten years, directing teams toward powerful messaging and measurable outcomes. She strives for authentic stories, relateable characters, and sculpted scenes that enable powerful visual experiences and incite a call to action from the audience.

She is known for her intense creativity, direct communication and innate ability to navigate toward the bottom line on time.

Meg has worked for clients and agencies such as AT&T, Ameren, FCB, Manifest Digital, Missouri Department of Tourism, The Hartford, H&L Partners, HLK, Klipsch, Post Cereals, Rodgers Townsend/DDB, Weber Shandwick, and Weissman Designs for Dance.

Meg’s independent credits include El Monstero: The Movie, The Bunglers, fashion photography, and indie music video projects.