Jake Edinger

January 24, 2018




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“The hardest thing about working with Halski Studio is matching their enthusiasm. They see each job as an opportunity. And they over deliver at every turn. If there’s a chance to make the project better, they’ll pounce on it. And fortunately for those of us who get to work with them, their energy is contagious. When you add their approach to their high standards for quality, you know you’re going to have both a great experience and an amazing product. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together. And I always look forward to the next time.The AT&T small business video they produced, shot and edited for us is a great example of how they can scale a crew and create a piece that is equal parts polished and heartfelt. I particularly appreciated how Halski was able to cover the shoot from multiple angles while shooting within a narrow (mirrored) 200 square feet. They made the talent feel at ease. And they brought their own perspective to the subject matter while capturing everything we wanted. Their vision and enthusiasm carried over into the edit as well. Working with the same core team from beginning to end added to the honesty and authenticity of the work. When all was said and done—in less than two weeks—the finished piece reflected the dedication they put in throughout the production.”

JAKE EDINGER Creative Director, Darling Makery