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Halski Studio is a video and photography production company driven by emotional storytelling that generates results.

We produce stories that have guts and soul and sometimes a dash of “WTF?”
We are defenders of diversity and auteurs of authenticity.
We are resolute in our grit and generous with the grins.
We have over 20 years of experience creating award-winning work
for clients ranging from global passion brands to local start-ups.
Our work is noted for being aspirational
and executed with high-production value.

We offer Creative Development, Video and Photography Production, and Post Production.

Meg Halski

Meg is an award-winning commercial and documentary
director, writer, producer and strategist.
Meg has directed teams for over 17 years.

Formally trained as a filmmaker, Meg got her start as a writer, photographer and independent, guerrilla-style filmmaker. She worked in public relations and media consulting for over ten years, directing teams toward powerful messaging and measurable outcomes. She strives for authentic stories, relateable characters, and sculpted scenes that enable powerful visual experiences and incite a call to action from the audience.

She is known for her intense creativity, direct communication and innate ability to navigate toward the bottom line on time.

Meg has worked for clients and agencies such as AT&T, Ameren, FCB, Manifest Digital, Missouri Department of Tourism, The Hartford, H&L Partners, HLK, Klipsch, Post Cereals, Rodgers Townsend/DDB, Weber Shandwick, and Weissman Designs for Dance.

Meg’s independent credits include El Monstero: The Movie, The Bunglers, fashion photography, and indie music video projects.

Mark Halski
Creative Director, Photographer, Editor

Mark is a creative known for his contagious passion, and collaborative spirit.

Mark specializes in capturing the heart and soul of his subjects and conveying this with conviction in the films and photography he creates. He has a striking visual sensibility that resonates with genuine emotion and authenticity throughout his work.

In his past life, Mark spent 17 years as an advertising agency art director and photographer. With that experience comes a keen understanding of the creative process from start to finish. He loves engaging with clients and agencies during creative development of their projects.

Mark’s experience includes work with clients and agencies such as AT&T, Arnold Worldwide, the St. Louis Cardinals, Klipsch, HLK, H&L Partners, The Hartford, Rodgers Townsend/DDB, Weber ­Shandwick, Osborn Barr, Post Cereals, Weissman Designs for Dance and yurbuds Sport Earphones.

In addition to commercial work, Mark is also engaged in producing original content and independent projects such as his rock documentary El Monstero: The Movie and indie music videos.

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We produce branded content and advertising for a wide range of clients, ranging from breakthrough multi-media campaigns for global brands to buzz-building social videos for start-ups. Clients we’ve had the good fortune to work with include the following:

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Client Testimonials

    • “Halski Studio are gifted creative partners with a rare combination of vision, and know how. I hired Halski Studio to produce our Weissman showcase video in 2013 and have continued to do so every year since. Our work together elevated our brand to heights I never imagined we could attain…
      Their enthusiasm and willingness to take chances is not only seen in the final product but has a positive influence on our entire team. If you get the chance to work with Halski Studio jump on it. I can’t wait to work with them again!”

      MICHAEL GARDNER Creative Director at Weissman Designs For Dance

    • “I can’t express enough how happy we at CEDIA have been with the projects Halski Studio have done for us. Beautifully shot, brilliantly edited, and always completed on-time and well within budget, their work is second to none.
      There’s another element to what they do, though: The Halski crew has the unique talent to make subjects who aren’t used to on-camera appearances feel at ease. They are as kind and patient as they are professional.
      Simply put, the process is as stellar as the results when team Halski is involved.”

      ED WENCK Content Director, CEDIA

    • “The hardest thing about working with Halski Studio is matching their enthusiasm. They see each job as an opportunity. And they over deliver at every turn. If there’s a chance to make the project better, they’ll pounce on it. And fortunately for those of us who get to work with them, their energy is contagious. When you add their approach to their high standards for quality, you know you’re going to have both a great experience and an amazing product. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together. And I always look forward to the next time.The AT&T small business video they produced, shot and edited for us is a great example of how they can scale a crew and create a piece that is equal parts polished and heartfelt. I particularly appreciated how Halski was able to cover the shoot from multiple angles while shooting within a narrow (mirrored) 200 square feet. They made the talent feel at ease. And they brought their own perspective to the subject matter while capturing everything we wanted. Their vision and enthusiasm carried over into the edit as well. Working with the same core team from beginning to end added to the honesty and authenticity of the work. When all was said and done—in less than two weeks—the finished piece reflected the dedication they put in throughout the production.”

      JAKE EDINGER Creative Director, Darling Makery

    • “Mark is a pleasure to work with. His passion for our products and craft is infectious. We run a global company that is driven entirely by emotional decision making. We benefit greatly from Mark’s ability to transform our brand into an aspirational dream. Mark was instrumental in developing a passionate vision of Klipsch that well exceeded ownership’s expectations. In addition, his detailed approach to work product and follow up is outstanding.”

      PAUL JACOBS President, Klipsch Group

    • “Meg is a wonderful collaborator and versatile talent. Whether interpreting the creative solution to the client ask, pulling all strings to bring an idea to life, jumping behind the lens, or cracking the challenge in the edit room, she brings a refreshing optimism that in itself can make greatness possible.”

      RYAN BROWN SVP Strategy and Brand Content, FleishmanHillard

    • “Mark is a creative professional that is working at the top of his game with a unique ability to turn a creative vision, formed together, into a work-product that inspires an emotional connection with consumers. After hiring countless agencies, Mark and Halski Studio rose to the occasion as a boutique agency that delivers on their commitments and works hard to exceed expectations. Mark’s personal talents as a photographer are iconic. I have now hired Mark at three different organizations, that’s how much I think of Mark and Halski studios. If there is any doubt in his abilities, simply look at the Inspire image from his work at yurbuds. This image became the brand yurbuds. Truly stunning.”

      SETH BURGETT Entrepreneur, Global Executive & Board Member

    • “Halski Studio have been an invaluable asset to Better Life in helping to develop the initial brand concept and evolving it ever since. Halski Studio has amazing creative skills, but also the rare ability to translate this into achieving business objectives. True professionals.”

      TIM BARKLAGE CEO & Co-Founder, Better Life

    • “Halski Studio has the rare ability to capture the brand essence of a company and develop an emotive, engaging, and enduring brand strategy. Feedback from customers and shareholders have suggested that the yurbuds brand is striking and has a DNA that runs deep with an ability to touch a broad group of customers. Consumer testing has reinforced the compelling ability of the yurbuds package design to engage at the shelf and was a top pick with consumers. Halski Studio have been extremely responsive for us and always produce exceptional work. I strongly recommend Halski Studio.”

      RICH DANIELS Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, yurbuds Sport Earphones

    • “The Cardinals brand is one of the most long-standing and iconic in the country. Mark Halski provided great artistic direction for several years. Mark’s work on the “Play Like A Cardinal” campaign helped create great buy-in from our fans, with dynamic creative work across multiple media.”

      MARTIN COCO Marketing Director, St. Louis Cardinals

    • “Hire a Director and get a Writer completely free. I had the pleasure of working with Halski Studios this summer on a series of videos. None of which would have ever happened had Meg not written an additional creative treatment which took us on a journey to Puerto Caimito. Her enthusiasm for the work is infectious. We need more of her in our industry.”

      JONATHAN HANSEN Associate Creative Director, Rodgers Townsend

    • “I have worked with Mark over many years, while he was at Arnold Worldwide, Waylon and now Halski Studio. I’ve been happy to follow him as his results speak for themselves. He was instrumental in shaping the brand voice for Klipsch while I was there. I’ve also worked with Halski on packaging design projects for Gilchrist & Soames and they bring incredible enthusiasm and passion to every project. I could not recommend them more highly!”

      CHRISTINE PYLE Senior Director of Marketing, CEDIA

    • “Halski Studio have time and again proven to be an invaluable asset to yurbuds. They have excelled at everything they have been tasked with, including packaging, print ads, social media branding, and videos. Their continued input into the development of yurbuds’ look and feel has helped us create a consistent, emotive, and award-winning brand. They are a pleasure to work with and execute in a timely fashion. They have my highest recommendation.”

      DANIEL DEVILLE Director of Marketing, yurbuds Sport Earphones

    • “I was beyond excited when Meg and Halski Studio agreed to make a short film to accompany the release of Never Give You Away. As a passion project with no budget, this was not her typical assignment. And it would certainly not be your typical music video. It was decided early on – there would be no band performance, and no band members would appear. This gave Meg complete freedom to interpret the song in her own unique way. It also required her to utilize all of her creative talents – not just those behind the camera. From casting and production to shooting, directing and editing, Meg did it all. In the end, it was her passion that made the film happen as much as her talent and vision. And I love that as much as the result itself. Making something for the pure and simple joy of making it. That’s good stuff. And that’s often where true creativity is revealed.”

      J. CHAMBERS Creative Director, Rodgers Townsend

    • “While serving as an art director for Klipsch Group, I had the pleasure to work with Halski Studio on multiple projects. Halski Studio are a joy to work with. Their creativity, attention to detail and careful planning allowed us to achieve imagery beyond our expectations and stay within a strict budget. Our collaboration yielded outstanding results and strengthened our brand. I recommend Halski Studio with great enthusiasm.”

      MATT MILLER Senior Designer at One America

    • “Halski Studio has a profound understanding of design. They understand the customer and the audience and deliver above all expectations. It has been a true pleasure to watch Halski Studio bring our brand to life from conception to reality. They are truly gifted designers and outstanding team players.”

      KEVIN TIBBS Chief Chemist & Co-Founder, Better Life

    • “Megan Halski served as the director of the movie, The Bunglers. She is capable of handling projects large in scope and complex in implementation. Her spirit and dedication was the driving force that made the production possible. She brought both passion and composure to the production, two attributes I value most when looking for someone to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.”

      BRADLEY BOWERS Owner, Tree Tractor Productions

    • “Mark is amazing. Not only is he extremely talented and passionate about his craft, he is also a great team member, colleague and collaborator. I’ve worked with Mark on several amazing projects that I can honestly say would not have been as successful without his contribution, perspective and inspiring attitude. He is a true talent and a genuine person. I will always respect and admire Mark and would work with him on any project, anytime.”

      AHAB NIMRY Creative Director

    • “I worked with Mark on several projects at Klipsch including brochures, store displays, website design, ad campaigns, photography and overall branding. He is always extremely passionate about the work and brings creative that clearly explains the function and beauty of our products. We can always count on amazing creative results. Our entire team enjoys working with Mark and I look forward to continuing our work in the future.”

      MEREDITH RONEY Marketing Manager, Klipsch

    • “Kona has always done everything from the inside and it was considered a huge risk to hire an outside firm to create ads and promotional materials for our brand. Risky though it was, the results were great. The materials were bursting with the right attitude for our brand and I was a part of the process the entire way.”

      CORY BLACKWOOD Sales Manager & Advocacy Director, Kona Bicycles

    • “Mark is an amazing art director, designer, photographer and brand-builder. The guy is smart, passionate and finds a way to make something special out of everything he works on. Teaming with Mark is as creatively-satisfying an experience as you could ask for.”

      JOE LEAHY Partner & Chief Creative Officer, HughesLeahyKarlovic

    • “Mark is the ultimate team player. A must have on your team. He’s easy to work with, his enthusiasm is contagious, his work ethic is admirable and everything he does is at 150%. It’s hard to find people as multi talented as Mark. And after many years of working with him, I’m still in awe of all he brings to the table.”

      CECILIA SHEA Director – Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Build-A-Bear Workshop

    • “Mark’s an extremely talented guy who’s passionate about what he does. But to me, his relentless enthusiasm and willingness to take chances are what really set Halski apart. Whether it’s shooting photography that refuses to be ignored or creating ads that make copywriters and brands look better than they have any right to, Mark’s real gift is that he never forgets to have fun along the way. He’s an easygoing perfectionist who makes everyone around him better.”

      BOB HARRIS Creative Director

    • “I truly cannot say what I am more impressed with; their heart of serving others in need, or their seemingly unlimited talents. It is impossible for me to find the words to say how much Halski Studio have meant to me and our organization. They are God-gifted artists. They are amazing free-thinkers. They are multi-talented craftsmen. They are humble servants to those in need. They exceed expectations. They are good friends.”

      TODD PERRY CEO / Executive Director, Pujols Family Foundation